Litigation package services

Disclosure Statements

Some states require extensive automatic and expert disclosures.  Mudita Legal can prepare these, saving substantial time during the tedious litigation process. Many firms choose to save money by having these statements prepared at the same time as the medical chronologies.

Deposition Summaries

Reviewing, highlighting and summarizing deposition transcripts can be very time consuming.  Let Mudita Legal prepare transcript summaries and save all the review time.

Litigation Packages

Law firms have been able to decrease permanent employees and reorganize departments by using our litigation package services.  At the beginning of a litigation case, a full package is prepared including basic notes as well as disclosure and discovery pleadings.

Mass Tort Plaintiff Fact Sheets

Plaintiff Fact Sheets are an essential part of mass tort litigation.  Mudita Legal can provide you with comprehensive Plaintiff Fact Sheets to save time so your team can complete other tasks.